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Payment Methods

  • Cash on delivery: upon delivery you pay the price of your order to the distributor.Cash on delivery is a service that charges 0.90 euro cents.
  • By bank deposit: in the following accounts

Piraeus  6054 040030 471                          ΙΒΑΝ: GR79 0171 0540 0060 5404 0030 471

Eurobank  00260005130200862795             IBAN: GR2502600050000130200862795

Orders made by bank deposit from different of the above banks will not be accepted and will be automatically canceled.

After completing the deposit you must send by e-mail a copy of the deposit to e-mail including name, surname and order number


According to the applicable provisions from 1-1-2011 the documents worth 500,00 euro or more issued to individuals (retail sales receipts) should be paid only in the following ways :
-       Deposit / transfer to the company's bank account.
-       Use of a debit or credit card.
In the online store "" you are given the opportunity to choose whether the document that will be issued for your order will be a retail receipt or a sales invoice. An invoice is issued to a company and freelancers, provided they fill in the following details when ordering: company name, VAT number, Tax Office, company address and occupation.

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